On Dismissive Snobs and Whatever: Be Careful What You Write

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The Indie world is all abuzz it seems, and because of a poorly thought out article posted by an author I’ve never heard of in the Guardian. I’ll link to the article, because why not, right? She has…

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Things I Don’t Owe my Indie Friends.

Great post about being patient… yes fellow authors, this means you!!

Organizing Chaos Other Misadventures


I love art.

Especially, I love indie art. I love the spirit behind it, and I love the sassiness of artists breaking off the mainstream, staying true to their visions.

I beta read for friends of mine when I’m able.

I buy indie books, and I’ll be straight with you, I do not have a lot of money. If I get money at Christmas, or for my birthday, I spend it supporting my friends who are indie authors.

I take pictures of their books and post them everywhere, on all my social media.

I add their books to my indie book Pinterest boards.

I shout about them on Twitter.

I review their work on various sites and share the reviews.

I don’t have to do these things, and I know. I know. You didn’t ask me to do it in the first place.

And truly, I expect nothing in return…

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My Hero… my dad…

I wrote this over three years ago and at this moment, I feel exactly the same… I just want him back…

...And Everything in Between...

Ten days ago I walked into my dad’s house.  He was in his chair, napping as he does, but something told me he wasn’t just asleep.  I called out to him and said “Hey, Daddy, wake up, I’m here.”  But he didn’t move, so I called again, but nothing.  Then I  touched his cold hand and the back of his neck, tears running down my face as I yelled for him to wake up, but he didn’t.  I sat down next to him and sobbed, my hands shaking until I had the presence of mind to call for help.   The rest of the day was surreal and it didn’t help that it took hours for them to come and get him, because he looked like he was asleep.  I kept looking over at him and waiting for him to wake up, with that groggy look on his face, and…

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Self-pub authors beware! There are scammers afoot.

I haven’t personally experienced this, but I’m passing along the I do to all Indie authors…

Maegan Provan, Author

On March 31st, 2013, I posted an entry entitled “Reviews, Truths and Extortion” talking about a first time author getting a message from a reader claiming that the book in question with practically unreadable due to typos and grammatical errors. The reader said that if the author would pay her, the reader would edit the book and rate the book 5 stars. At the time, that was something that was completely new to me. I had never heard anyone attempt to do something like that before. Of course, that same reader picked up my book and after my post, gave it a bad review. Now, I’m not saying that Celine is completely flawless, because I know it’s not. However, the timing of that review put a pin in my stance. I am hearing more and more about this as I grow and talk to more people within our…

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Horses that can stab people…

I wrote this back in January, 2012, thought I would share again 🙂

...And Everything in Between...

So this Christmas, one of my new presents is a shirt that states, “I believe in horses that can stab people.”  Ok, so I asked for it, because I love unicorns and I love that they can stab people.  Maybe there are unicorns in my book…maybe… and maybe they kick butt… maybe… but I digress.

I have found that the mythology of mythical beasts and monsters is often up for debate.  For me, as long as you hold the fundamental truths as true, then it’s fine to change the rest of it.  For instance, I wrote a screenplay about vampires… they aren’t glittery, but they aren’t Vlad Dracul either.  They still feed on blood, they are still super strong, but sunlight doesn’t kill them and they aren’t afraid of crosses or holy water.  They are a super species of human, so you can kill them with a gun or a…

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Q&A Session on Control, (The Soul of Voodoo, Book1)

Check out this great interview with M. C. Lavocat and go check her book, Control!!!

M.C. Lavocat

1. What is the title of your book?  

Well, I guess I’ll humor those who are visiting this site for the first time 😉

My book is titled, Control.

2.  What is the genre and age rating?

After much deliberation, and frustration, I have created a brand new genre for Control

It is a Paranormal Romantic Comedy and it is definitely for adults, it isn’t an erotic novel, but it is pretty damn steamy and my characters are known to throw a few four-letter words out every now and again!

 3. Give a brief synopsis, using your own words. 

Okay, this is the hard part…

I like to describe Control as more than you see on the surface. Yes, it is a Paranormal Romance. No, it isn’t like other Paranormal Romance novels. It has that extra  je ne sais quoi, that makes it a little bit different. Actually…

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