Morality for Atheists: Reasons Not to Go On A Rampage! by M. Adams – Book Review – Around the Universe Tours

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Synopsis: RELIGION AND MORALITY. For far too long, religion has been considered to be a pre-condition of morality and many still believe you could not have one without the other. But what would this mean for atheists, if this were true? What exactly is preventing atheists from going on a murderous rampage? Can atheists be moral?

This short concise book aims to tackle the common misconceptions regarding morality, atheism and religion using reasoned argument and a refreshing slice of humour.

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Review: This is a very short book, a novella really, but it certainly comes chock full of knowledge and information.  Having said that, it isn’t a boring read, quite the contrary.  Mary-Louise Adams manages to interject statistics, perceptions, philosophies and ideologies in a very interesting and informative light.

She is straight forward in her attempt to make sure that anyone who takes the time to read this book will understand that morality is a human issue, not a religious or non-religious issue, an dI couldn’t agree more.  Her points are honest and true and extremely accurate in many cases.

I myself was raised Roman Catholic and I am know a pagan solitary witch of my own design.  I have never assumed that atheism is amoral, but I can see where more conservative sects of religious individuals would.  For that reason, I can understand the need for a book like Ms. Adams’ has written.

Although this book may stir up debate, it should.  I for one thought this book was very, very good and I would recommend this book to anyone trying to understand humanity and our morality.

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About the Author: Hi, I’m Mary-Louise Adams. Sometimes I write stuff down and sometimes it makes people laugh. My life goals include getting a bigger place so I can adopt two Great Pyrenees or Bernese Mountain puppies (aww, puppies!) and getting over my fear of pigeons. Thank you.

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Entered Contest, Learned A LOT!!!

WGT & WNet BannerWhen I entered the Writer’s Got Talent contest 4 weeks ago, I thought I would be meeting some new people and possibly exposing some new people to my books.  I had no idea that I would learn so much about marketing and exposure in general.

The creator of Writer’s Got Talent, Bruce Goldwell ( has been a valuable source of information.  From him, I have learned how to do a proper Press Release, where is get listed, how to brand, where to find new followers.  On top of all of these things, we were given the opportunity to learn how to improve our descriptions, or our Amazon Author Pages.  How to grab a potential new buyer and spread the word about our novels.  The other authors have also been a wealthy resource of information as well as wonderful supporters.  Especially, Jim Henry, Clarence Bonner, Venessa Kimball, and Aoife Marie Sheridan.  All of us working together to promote this experience and each other.

I thought I was doing it right before, but I’m seeing where I have totally improved.  I’m not sure who will make it through to the last week and final challenge, but even if this is my last week, I have had a great time and I know that I will continue to learn and hopefully remain friends with these other authors.  The Writing World can only benefit from the symbiotic relationship of paying it all forward, such as we have been experiencing in Writer’s Got Talent.  We are all looking to find that level of success, whatever that is to us.  I was looking for more exposure.  I got that, but I will also walk away with a lot more knowledge and some new friends. Over all, its been a wonderful ride and I look forward to the next contest and hope it’s been as fabulous as this one 🙂