Horses that can stab people…

I wrote this back in January, 2012, thought I would share again 🙂

...And Everything in Between...

So this Christmas, one of my new presents is a shirt that states, “I believe in horses that can stab people.”  Ok, so I asked for it, because I love unicorns and I love that they can stab people.  Maybe there are unicorns in my book…maybe… and maybe they kick butt… maybe… but I digress.

I have found that the mythology of mythical beasts and monsters is often up for debate.  For me, as long as you hold the fundamental truths as true, then it’s fine to change the rest of it.  For instance, I wrote a screenplay about vampires… they aren’t glittery, but they aren’t Vlad Dracul either.  They still feed on blood, they are still super strong, but sunlight doesn’t kill them and they aren’t afraid of crosses or holy water.  They are a super species of human, so you can kill them with a gun or a…

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