The Stone of Destiny – Lia Fail

While researching places and mythology for my book, The Gathering: Book One of the Lia Fail Chronicles, I came across a lot of interesting facts about the Celts, Ireland, Magik and even Los Angeles.  Having been raised in Los Angeles, it was great to learn new things about my home, but I was even more intrigued to discover so much information about the Celts.


The ancient Celts believed they were descended from the Tuatha Du Danann.  A “god-like” or fae people (fae being fairy like) who had arrived in Ireland for a mythical land.  There are several articles online that I have read and these people claim to have read and re-read ancient Celtic texts and they often discuss how these texts often contradict themselves.  I have read what they have to say and I have come to my own conclusions.

Lia Fail (the Stone of Destiny) is often referred to as the Coronation Stone or Jacob’s Pillar.  It is connected to the Kings of Israel and supposedly found it’s way to Briton when an Israeli princess was married to a British King.  That stone is currently in Westminster Abbey; well, according to those passionate about it on the internet.   And I don’t think that the Coronation Stone and Jacob’s Pillar are the same stone.  The Pillar is in County Meath at Tara and is believed to be the Danann Stone.  The Coronation Stone, at the Abbey, is the Israeli stone.


There is great debate over the Coronation Stone.  Does it belong back in Israel of today?  The Scots have laid claim to it… should it stay in England, after all, it’s been there for quite some time.  Not sure, but I do not believe that Jacob’s Pillar, the Coronation Stone, is the “real” Lai Fail.

Lia Fail, the Stone of Destiny, was believed to be brought by the Tuatha Du Danann when they arrived in Ireland.  It was held as sacred and protected. It was often said that when one touched the Lai Fail, it would roar.  When you look a little deeper you see that Lia Fail actually seems to translate into something like a “keeper of the sacred knowledge”.  Maybe it was a book or stone that held the secrets of the Danann.  Unfortunately, we will most likely never know for certain, as it is thought that the original Lia Fail disappeared many, many years ago.  Maybe, the Fail was just a representation of the wisdom of the magical people of the Danann… maybe its just an idea, or a way of being.

Either way, I was inspired enough by the concept of the stone to name the main village of my stories after the mystical stone of the people of my ancestors…  Lia Fail.  I would like to think that the knowledge and magik of the Tuatha Du Danann might be here now.  Searching near and far to find those that believe… after all, magik is everywhere.

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News was reported on May 29, 2014 – Someone had vandalized the 5,000 year-old-stone by pouring paint over it.  –