True Fodder by S.L. Dearing – Cover Reveal

True Fodder
A Horror Short Story
S.L. Dearing

My latest tiny tale is that of terror, ladies and gentlemen.
It will be available to the masses on October 21, 2014.

When Jackson Montgomery and Miranda Stuart are partnered up during the company Team Building weekend, neither of them could be less thrilled. Out in the middle of a forest, paint-ball guns in hand, the duo set off to “take down” their peers. Yet in the process, they wander off course, and when they set off to find their way back, they run across a fairy ring, and temptation.

Things aren’t always what they appear and when these “frenemies” are pulled into a nightmare, can they put aside their differences and escape?

True Fodder is a Paranormal Horror Short Story.

Add to your reading list today!
But for the moment, here is my AMAZING cover,
designed by Rene Folsom at Phycel Designs… Enjoy


Say My Name by Michael Loring

Say My Name Michael Loring

Say My Name is a thrilling short story in the horror vein written by author, Michael Loring.  It was first published in an anthology STALKERS: A Collection of Thriller Stories

Stalkers Cover

that was complied and edited by Cynthia Shepp and Rene Folsom, (I also had a short story in this anthology, but alas, I must admit I have been lax in ready my fellow brethren, thus my beginning to embark on the Stalker journey to review all the stories in this anthology, much as I did when I read Twist). So, please find below, my opinion of Say My Name by Michael Loring.


I have enjoyed Michael Loring’s other shorts, and I can add this one to the list. Loring has the ability to create likable characters that pull you in immediately without knowing much about them, thus creating a need in the reader to root for said character as they go on whatever journey Loring sends them.

Say My Name is no different. Loring creates a scenario that we are immediately drawn into and builds tension that grows with each turn of the page. I thought this story, which was originally published in the anthology Stalkers, was a different and interesting take on the Stalkers idea.

Truly great read… Fantastic ending.


5 pink stars



Herding Cats by Christopher JF Gibson (Book Review)

I recently finished Herding Cats by Christopher JF Gibson and I loved it. A collection of short stories that either contain or come from the perspective of our feline friends, deftly written and full of depth and emotion.

To be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect, but these stories are lovely. Some sweet, some sad, but all of them are definitely written from the heart. Mr. Gibson shares his intimate moments with us. These are beautifully written tales and I found myself looking forward to the next tale when the previous had ended.  I loved that some of the stories were from the perspective of the cat and some from the human.

The story based on the title is about an older cat, with two siblings, who are much younger and make his life quite difficult, but as we read, we realize this “wise-old cat” may not be so wise or so old, engaging in his own “tom-foolery”. It is beautifully written and intriguing.  The Missing Cat was a wonderful story of loss and love, the ending took me completely by surprise.

I haven’t read “animal” tales since I was a little girl, my mom had me reading Albert Payson Terhune (on of her faves – which also became mine), but these aren’t just for children. They are about what we all think about and dream about, just from a different perspective. If you are looking for a series of engaging tales full of emotion and depth, look no further. Herding Cats is simply lovely.