Home Wrecker II: The Brooklyn Chronicles by Brenda Perlin – Release and Event

Home Wrecker II: The Brooklyn Chronicles by Brenda Perlin is being released on Amazon.com on October 11, 2013.

Please join the online Facebook party October 11 1:00 pm (PST) where there will be #fun #games and #prizes. There will be random #Ebook giveaways leading up to the event! https://www.facebook.com/events/207641289413064/

Synopsis: Brooklyn Rosen had high moral principles and was raised properly. Married for over fifteen years, those standards went out the window along with her fidelity when she met Bo. After becoming a self-proclaimed “Home Wrecker” Brooklyn left behind her marital home, along with the damage caused by her emotional wrecking ball. But the whispered remarks followed.

In “Home Wrecker: The Brooklyn Chronicles” we learn what shaped Brooklyn, the trials of an unhappy marriage and a deep abiding love that would not be denied. We meet a troubled, spiteful wife, who does not want to become an “ex”.

Will Brooklyn and Bo survive, or will all be lost to a bitter woman?

Blurb: In the past, I mean before the infidelity, I had always been someone who could be trusted. I believed if you didn’t trust someone, the results would come out in negative ways. Even though I never gave Gerard reason not to trust me, he always had fears and doubts. He saw me as a naïve “female” and thought every guy I came in contact with had an ulterior motive to move in. I always had to reassure him of my loyalty. Now that I had been caught doing exactly what he suspected, I gained a reputation as a cheater.

If you haven’t read Home Wrecker I it is a great time to pick up a copy!!! http://amzn.com/B00CKBWWIU

“Brooklyn and Bo, each unhappily married to others, must decide whether to stay with their spouses or give up everything for their love.”


Home Wrecker II

A Story of Love, Betrayal, and a Struggle to Keep New-found Happiness

October 11, 2013. Ladera Ranch, California: Brenda Perlin is back with Home Wrecker II: The Brooklyn Chronicles, published by Master Koda Select Publishing. This Contemporary Romance is set to continue the story of Home Wrecker I: Home Wrecker Chronicles in September of 2013. The reader will experience an emotional roller-coaster ride as the writer divulges the sad and dark times of Brooklyn, all the while provoking deep thought while re-living her memories through the reading experience.

Home Wrecker: The Brooklyn Chronicles provides a look into the heart and mind of a woman who cheated on her marriage and the reasons why it happened. It is honest. It is real. It is the story of what made Brooklyn the woman she is today, the decisions made that put her on the path she walks today, and it does it with an openness and honesty not found in many such stories. The book is well written and grabbed me from the beginning and held my attention until the very end.” – Crystal Schall, The Book Rack

Home Wrecker II: The Brooklyn Chronicles puts the reader on a journey through the eyes of the main character, Brooklyn Rosen. Her story, at times, is excruciatingly honest and evokes one’s own self-reflection throughout the reading experience. However, through the devastation and tribulations, the reader will also gain an insight to the inspiring strength of the heroine as she struggles toward personal happiness.

Master Koda Select Publishing is a small, but high quality, publisher of ebooks and paperbacks. The company takes pride in its authors by implementing aggressive marketing initiatives. Master Koda Select Publishing selects only a few authors per year to ensure they are receiving the attention they deserve.

For further inquiries and additional information, please contact: Kim Mutch Emerson http://masterkodaselectpublishing.com
Website http://www.homewreckerthebook.com/
Blog http://www.homewreckertheblog.com

Cover Reveal of The Gathering: Book One of the Lia Fail Chronicles by S. L. Dearing

Cover Reveal and Re-Release Party for
The Gathering: Book One of the Lia Fail Chronicles by S.L. Dearing

Synopsis: Another world war has happened and everything we knew is now gone. There are no more countries. No more government… only survivors who have created a new world made up of small colonies. It has been thirteen years and the village of Lia Fail sits peacefully above the Hollywood Reservoir in the Santa Monica Mountains. The settlement is making ready to host the fall Gathering, a time where every six months the other colonies from various parts of what was once Southern California visit for ten days of fun and reminiscence. The Gathering begins as any other party. A time for new loves, old friends, family, dancing and fun, but all too soon that changes. The people in Lia Fail begin to experience strange goings on they can’t explain, unseen forces attack several guests and friends begin to distrust friends. When they receive news of a horrific massacre, they realize they must face an impending dark evil that threatens to descend on the tranquil village.

Alia Stark, the queen of Lia Fail, must face this darkness. But she will face the evil along side her oldest and dearest friends, as well as an amazing new ally. The fate of her people, the lives of her children and freedom itself rests in her hands. Will she have the courage to do what must be done?

This is the beginning of a journey that will change all of their lives forever.

The Gathering: Book One of the Lia Fail Chronicles is the first in a new Paranormal, Fantasy, and Adventure Series.

Gathering Cover

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/The-Gathering-Book-Chronicles-ebook/dp/B004DCB5X2/
Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Gathering-Book-Chronicles-ebook/dp/B004DCB5X2/
Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-gathering-s-l-dearing/1025141705
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/10735287-the-gathering
Shelfari: http://www.shelfari.com/o1514822952
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheLiaFailChronicles

Join us October 5 from 3-7pm PST on Facebook for a grand party event. There will be games and prizes from LOTS of authors and Swag artists. Please come and join the fun!!


About the Author: Although she grew up in Arizona, S. L. Dearing was born and raised in California and considers the Golden State her home. Shannon attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, studying biology, then moved to Los Angeles where she spent several years studying at Los Angeles City College’s renowned Television/ Film program. She learned the art of storytelling from her father when she was very young and has been writing since the tender age of five. As an author of many genres, she is always hoping to learn more by exploring the world of story.


She has written her first novel The Gathering: Book One of the Lia Fail Chronicles. She also has short stories in several anthologies: Apocalypse: An Anthology by Readers & Authors, Paranormal Anthology with a Twist and the soon to be released Stalkers: A Collection of Thriller Stories. Shannon currently resides in Los Angeles.

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/sldearing
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/S.L.Dearing.Author
Website: http://www.sldearing.com



Flash by Barbara Morgenroth – REVIEW and GIVEAWAY- Around the Universe Book Tour


She’s been pretending to be 18 for so long, it feels like the truth.
When the only way for 15 year old photographer, Kip Chanin, to earn a living is as paparazzi, she can’t say no. Kip’s first photo is of Alex Milne, the handsome and volatile young actor. That one photo changes both their lives. Kip finds herself challenged to be a better photographer, a better daughter and to be a better friend. For someone used to getting by on her own, this could be Kip’s biggest lesson. The second biggest–You do what you have to in Hollywood to survive
Book Link:


I have to admit, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book when I received it, but then again, this is why I love doing reviews.  There are a lot of books I would never think of reading, but then they are handed to me and I have to read them to do a review.  This is one of those books that makes be grateful to be able to do this.  The characters are multi-dimensional, smart, funny, sharp, damaged, flawed and believable.  The book takes place in my home town, Los Angeles, and Barbara Morgenroth knows her geography.  She also knows her industry.

I was so engaged by the relationships in this story, I read it in one sitting, then immediately bought the second book… which I read last night.  And I hope there’s a third book coming out, because Barbara does like cliff hangers.  Having said that, I don’t mind cliff hangers and I LOVED this book!!  Kip is an independent, smart, talented girl and although at times she seems much older than she is, we understand why, but then the author shows us this glimpse of a  young girl and we are reminded, she’s not a gown up yet.  The agents are all totally accurate, the actors as well.  The book is like an onion that has layers and layers of story.  I guess i could go on, but this story is truly phenomenal and it is an unbelievable ride.  Hurry with Book 3 please!!

5 pink stars

Barbara was born in New York City and but now lives somewhere else.  Starting her career by writing tweens and YA books, she wound up in television writing soap operas for some years.  Barbara then wrote a couple cookbooks and a nonfiction book on knitting.  She returned to fiction and wrote romantic comedies.
When digital publishing became a possibility, Barbara leaped at the opportunity and has never looked back.  In addition to the 15 traditionally published books she wrote, in digital format Barbara has something to appeal to almost every reader from Mature YAs like the Bad Apple series and the Flash series, to contemporary romances like Love in the Air published by Amazon/Montlake, and Unspeakably Desirable, Nothing Serious and Almost Breathing.
flash121312Flash will be available for $.99 for Kindle during the duration of the tour.  Go grab a copy you won’t be disappointed!!!
There is also a GIVEAWAY.  Enter for the chance to win an
eBook of Flash or a camera charm (shown below).  camerapendant
To enter the GIVEAWAY, please click on the link below:
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Next Big Thing Blog Tour

I am horribly delinquent on this and I must apologize to Luna Nightwyn and Sophie Davis, but here we go.  I was brought in by the two of them.  You can find their wonderful blogs below.  Also, Sophie is hosting an event on Facebook right now called Fall in Love with Fabulous Giveaways (https://www.facebook.com/events/556374757706194/)

Luna Nightwyn: http://www.nightwyn.com/d/

Sophie Davis: www.SophieDavisBooks.com

This is my Q & A… my interview as it were 🙂  Hope you enjoy reading about my writing experience… well, with these questions 🙂

What is the working title of your next book?  The working title is The Awakening and it’s the sequel to The Gathering: Book One of the Lia Fail Chronicles… available now at Amazon!! LOL!

Where did the idea come from for the book?  Well, its a series, so it’s really The Gathering that was the catalyst.  It was when the invasion of Iraq was about to take place.  And North Korea was being crazy and I thought, what would happen if World War 3 hit?  But I’m kind of an optimist, so I began to wonder what life would be like in the aftermath and since I don’t believe most people would use nuclear weapons, I cam e up with new weapons that killed people but made the land still livable.

What genre does your book fall under?  It’s really a culmination of many genres, but I suppose it would best be classified as a Paranormal, Epic Fantasy/ Adventure with Romantic overtones and a Horror/Thriller undertow.  that should be a new genre 🙂

What actors would you choose to play the part of your characters in a movie rendition?  Oh, Wow… um, Maybe Jessica Chastain would be good to play the lead character… she’s a little young right now, but maybe by the time she’s the right age… wink, wink… other characters, I don’t know.  

What is the one sentence synopsis of your book?  Hmmm,  A journey of self-discovery set in a post-apocalyptic world of magic, where evil demands a sacrifice, but love is the greatest weapon.  I don’t know… that’s hard…

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency? Ha ha… I’m my own agency.  Self-Published and Self-marketed. 

How long did it take you to write the first draft of the manuscript?  Oh, wow, from idea to finished book, about 7 and half years.  But they always say to write the first book then toss it.  I figure I wrote and re-wrote this book like 3 times.  So I already did that. 🙂

What other books would you compare this to within your genre?  Honestly, I haven’t read anything like my book, but I did have one person compare it to the Dies The Fire Series.

Who or what inspired you to write this book?  As I said above, I started to think about war.  As far as sitting down to write a novel… I’ve always written and I think when I finished reading the Harry Potter Series and the Series of Unfortunate Events, I though “Why not”?

What else about the book might pique the reader’s interest?  Well, I’ve split up the majority of villages by religion.  It seems to me that people follow a path to their beliefs before anything else… before race, or heritage.  My books are really about change, acceptance and tolerance.  That’s where the war theme really plays out… it’s about everyone, everywhere learning to tolerate each other.  You don’t have to like each other, but we should all tolerate each other 🙂


Fear… most of us know that word.  We’ve experienced that emotion at some point in our lives.  It can hold us back, keep us down… give us an excuse to not do the things we really want to do or need to do.  It can keep us in a holding pattern that isn’t scary, but isn’t going anywhere either.

Fear can be a lot of things and I think many of you immediately think about spiders and snakes, or roller coasters or serial killers, but the fear I’m talking about is the fear to live.  When we get so scared to try new things, we stop trying and stop living.  The fear of failure is right in the front of the line.  Most of us can relate to the concept.  No one likes to fail, especially at something they’re really passionate about.  We want to fly, to excel and climb, but sometimes we can’t.  We get so scared that we freeze up and believe it just isn’t going to happen, so we move on.

Some of us do climb and we do succeed and all is well, until we try again.  This potential failure is worse than the first.  Now, the pressure to do well is increased and the potential to fail, also expanded.  I find that this pressure can be stifling.  Suffocating my creativity and keeping me stagnant and distracted.  I know that I’m scared, but I also know that I will never succeed if I don’t try and I’ll never be able to break out that box I’m keeping myself in.

I guess the hardest part of overcoming the fear is to convince your subconscious that you are ok and don’t need the protection.  That you can survive the fall out.  That you will be better for it.  All these things are true.  We can do nothing to control our future anymore than we can control anything around us.  We can set a situation in motion and we can hold on tight to see where it goes, but we can’t make it go or stop it or move it.  It will go where it wants.  So we have to be brave.

Bravery… I wrote about his before… bravery is not the absence of fear, but rather knowing you’re afraid and moving through it to the other side and do what must be done.  If we are to succeed we must find the courage to climb within ourselves.  Embrace it and move forward.

My success is dependent on one thing and one thing only… and that’s the ability to try.  To put forth my best effort and allow it to run it’s course.  There will never be a guarantee that I will win, but at least I will have the respect for myself that we should all have.  I will know that I did my best and even when I get knocked down, I’ll get back up and dust myself off and try again.  And with each step I take, I will come that much closer to the the brass ring.  Then the silver ring and then the gold ring… I could continue, but I think you get the point.

It’s time to fly, to jump off the cliff one more time and pray for the soft landing we believe is waiting for us… but be prepared, because although we will more than likely land on our feet, it’s distinctly possible that we may hit a few trees on the way down.

New Year… New Me… Nah!!

So the New Year has begun, but I’m still working on me. The same me I was before, but different. A lot of horrible things happened last year, but despite the sadness and the pain, I still look at it and see all the amazing things that happened to me. I cry and then I smile… I can’t seem to focus on the negative and I’m so glad.  I just realized, I’m growing up.

The disappointment of youth has been replaced by the optimistic joy of the the future and the wisdom of my years… not to say that I’m all that old, but I do notice that my crazy factor (yes, ladies, we are crazy, especially when we are young) has diminished quite a bit. I’m pretty amazing actually. It’s taken me a long time to really believe that. To know my own self worth… so many of us don’t.  My New Year’s wish is that all of us know our worth.  The Joy we bring to others and the incredible individual things we do that bring AWESOME to the world.

My resolves this year are to get healthy, as I’ve had some issues, now I’m well on the mend. I’m working hard to get there and we’re about to kick it up a notch. To write my second novel and to promote my first novel. I’m going to read more, I’m going to be more invested in the world around me.  I plan on working on more plays and more film. I’ve been away from directing for a while, I’m going to move back towards it. To be the best me I can be. I think that’s what we should all be doing. Look at the big picture and not just the elements we’re drawn to… when you focus on the little things, you can miss so much. Try something new… step outside your comfort zone and embrace your fears.

Last year I was leaping from a precipice, well, I did and I’ve learned a lot. This year, I’m climbing back up the mountain to jump again. I’m still here… still alive and still full of dreams. I’m focusing on the positive… what I can do, not what I can’t.  I really like this me. So now, about my dreams… guess I’ll just have to make them ALL come true… then what?

I guess, I’ll need more dreams.  ; )

A New Year

I was looking at an old picture not ten minutes ago.  It’s one of myself and my brother and sister taken in 1978, I think.  We were ten, eight and five, respectively.  We are all super imposed over one another… my profile on top, then my brother slightly turned and then my sister straight forward on the bottom… very themed… our 70’s hairdos, same turtle neck shirts… I remember my mom being so specific with the photographer about what she wanted, after all, it was our Christmas card that year.

I remember seeing it and hating the way I looked.  My nose was huge, I hated my hair, I was fat.  Funny thing is, now I look at it and think I’m beautiful.  I see how my sister and brother have changed.  The structure of their faces, their hair color, etc., but it’s still them.  They are still beautiful.  They are still full of life.  I think about our lives and how they’ve changed.  We aren’t much different really, still silly, funny, crazy… definitely crazy.  As my sister says,  “Dearings put the FUN in dysFUNctional.”

The one thing that hasn’t changed is how close we are.  We may not talk everyday, or hang out all the time, but I know they are always with me.  In the things I say and do, the stories I tell, or how something reminds me of them every day.  I get to see them about once a month for birthdays and holidays and it’s always the best time.

This photo reminds me of some of the best and worst times of my life, but I remember the best times.  Running around in the summer irrigation, chasing the dogs when they got out of the back yard, Fourth of July parties and pool hopping, spending the weekends swimming and watching TV, eating watermelon outside (so you didn’t make a mess), drinking from the hose, playing Kill the Carrier until Mike Abretske got pissed at his brother Joe, a fight, then the game was over because Mike would run home crying, grapefruit wars, walking for hours on Halloween, sleep overs, haunted houses, the red Christmas Tree, the Christmas tree rebellion, Boomer, Tom Ling, making a concoction, polka dot pizza, the Vectrex gaming system, KISS… I guess I could go on forever.

I hadn’t looked at this picture in quite some time and hadn’t realized how much I missed seeing it.  I may not have appreciated it then, but now… it’s one of my favorites.