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When I decided to do this, I opted to approach this as someone with no graphic knowledge whatsoever.  I decided to get the Car Bumper Magnets.  I loaded my picture and followed the directions and waited patiently to see my magnets.  Well, when they arrived I was less than satisfied.  They were horribly pixelated and not legible.  So, I called Customer Service.  WOW!! has AMAZING customer service!! They checked my order and gave me explicit instructions as to how to get a replacement order. I also discussed with them why they didn’t have a warning system in place for just his reason.  They said they did, but after reviewing my photo, the customer service representative noticed that it wasn’t high enough quality.  He made a note and we placed the new order.  Then I found out if you call in, you can request no border. I said, no border.  Woot, let’s do this!!

I received a call on Saturday morning from the fulfillment department.  They had called to let me know that without a border, I would lose some of my letters.  So I said, ok, put in the border.  She asked if I wanted it black or white.  What? You have black? Sweet! Put black.

I’m now ecstatic and thrilled with the customer service department, so I decide to order the refrigerator magnets.  I place the order and then the next day call and ask for the black border (you can’t choose when ordering), they said no problem.

My bumper magnets came and I was thrilled!! They look fantastic!!
Bumper Magnet PicThen a few weeks later the fridge magnets came and I was even more excited!!
Magnet PicI couldn’t be more happy with the product and even more importantly, I couldn’t be more happy with the customer service this company provides.  I would suggest you call them and ask them about the borders and if your picture is high enough quality.  They are quite willing to assist you and fix any problems you may have.

I recommend wholeheartedly!! Use them with confidence!! Recommends:
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Entered Contest, Learned A LOT!!!

WGT & WNet BannerWhen I entered the Writer’s Got Talent contest 4 weeks ago, I thought I would be meeting some new people and possibly exposing some new people to my books.  I had no idea that I would learn so much about marketing and exposure in general.

The creator of Writer’s Got Talent, Bruce Goldwell ( has been a valuable source of information.  From him, I have learned how to do a proper Press Release, where is get listed, how to brand, where to find new followers.  On top of all of these things, we were given the opportunity to learn how to improve our descriptions, or our Amazon Author Pages.  How to grab a potential new buyer and spread the word about our novels.  The other authors have also been a wealthy resource of information as well as wonderful supporters.  Especially, Jim Henry, Clarence Bonner, Venessa Kimball, and Aoife Marie Sheridan.  All of us working together to promote this experience and each other.

I thought I was doing it right before, but I’m seeing where I have totally improved.  I’m not sure who will make it through to the last week and final challenge, but even if this is my last week, I have had a great time and I know that I will continue to learn and hopefully remain friends with these other authors.  The Writing World can only benefit from the symbiotic relationship of paying it all forward, such as we have been experiencing in Writer’s Got Talent.  We are all looking to find that level of success, whatever that is to us.  I was looking for more exposure.  I got that, but I will also walk away with a lot more knowledge and some new friends. Over all, its been a wonderful ride and I look forward to the next contest and hope it’s been as fabulous as this one 🙂

Writer’s Got Talent – New Contest going on now… and I’m in it!!

WGT BannerWow!!  I’m participating in a brand new contest that was created by Bruce Goldwell (Author of the Dragon Keepers Series – to help promote indie authors.  It’s very cool.  It’s set up like an XFactor for writers. It’s called Writer’s Got Talent (  There are challenges each week for we authors to do.  This first week is all about the votes.  We need “America” (I wish – LOL) to give us those votes.  Next challenge will be the description for our books that is posted on Amazon.  The contest is designated to go on for 8 weeks.  The complete list of challenges as well as the authors and their books are displayed on the Writer’s Got Talent site.  You can also see the book covers on Pinterest (

Not only is this contest helping us promote our books and blogs, but it’s doing something more important.  It’s introducing us to more writers.  The writing community is vast, but like other professions, we all need each other.  We need to lean on each other, support each other, promote one another… in general help each other.  Whether it be reading and critiquing each other’s work or helping edit or just being there to encourage one another during the rough patches.  We are all trying to get our books seen and ultimately read and this is the kind of nepotism we, as writer’s,  should practice.

I have many writer friends, online and in person.  We may not all write the same things, but we are all supportive of one another in whatever capacity we can provide.  I love that this contest is combining that mentality with a healthy dose of competitiveness.  We can only help to make each other better and try to get our words out to the those who would appreciate and enjoy them.  So I would ask that you share this post and all of these links with anyone you know who is a reader and lover of books.  They may find a new author to love or book for a friend.  Send them all over… we would love to see them. 🙂

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