TWIST Reviews – One Story at a Time – In the Eyes of the Beholder by Penelope Bartotto

Disclaimer: These reviews pertain to stories in the anthology – Paranormal Anthology with a TWIST.  I have a story in this book (Bloodlines – I won’t be reviewing my story ;), so many feel that I cannot objectively review other stories in the same book I am also featured in… that being said, to each their own, I know my own level of integrity.  Thus, people can choose to believe me or not.  I want to review them and give my opinion… so I am.

Paranormal Anthology with a TWIST

Synopsis: Whenever Dom thinks about Rose’s hazel eyes, he knows that she’s the one… the one to make his life complete.  But Rose isn’t the girl that Dom thinks she is.  Love is a tricky thing and its all in The Eyes of the Beholder.

Review: This was a great story that seemed to have a little bit of everything.  It kept me guessing and I didn’t see the end coming at all.  There are lots of TWISTs and turns and I found myself truly engaged in the characters.  Again, I didn’t see this TWIST coming and was pleasantly surprised when it did come.  I thought it was well written and full of imagination.

4 pink stars

This is Penelope Bartotto’s first published anthology.

Penelope Anne Bartotto, was born, raised, and still calls Wisconsin her home. She has been writing since she could hold a pencil correctly, and continues to ramble. Married to her soulmate, she finds pride in being a homeschooling parent to three not-so-young cubs. She has worn many hats from cashier to Boy Scout Leader, but currently tries to hold on tight to her… book blogging, tour coordinating, insane author hat. When not found in front of her computer, she loves to craft, quilt, draw, paint, and read.

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Paranormal Anthology with a TWIST – It’s LIVE!!!

Paranormal Anthology with a TWISTThe second book brought to us by Editor and Book Reviewer, Cynthia Shepp, is now available.  This time she has partnered with author and designer, Rene Folsom, to bring us a collection of multi-genred tales, all containing a unique and unexpected TWIST.  This isn’t a review, just a notice of release .

What began as an idea soon set into motion a chain of events that would lead to heart-stopping action, amazing suspense, and stories that will stick with you way after you are done.

Unique, unexpected, beyond imagining…shocking TWISTS that will have you frantically turning back the pages to see what clues you overlooked to have missed what was coming.

Paranormal stories that span across the genre and will wow you, shock you, and leave you gasping for more.

11 different authors, one main idea, and worlds that will TWIST your imagination…

Featured Stories:

“Voices of the Soul” by Rene Folsom
“Number 18” by Michael Loring
“Sweet Lenora” by Bart Hopkins
“Truth or Dare” by Jon Messenger
“Suburban Zombie” by Anthony Lance
“All I Want for Christmas” by Jason Brant
“In the Eyes of the Beholder” by Penelope Bartotto
“Little Tchotchkes” by Nicki Scalise
“I am Serna” by Magen McMinimy
“Bloodlines” by S. L. Dearing
“Metronome” by Eaton Thomas Palmer

Edited and Compiled by Cynthia Shepp & Rene Folsom

Head on over to Amazon and grab a copy… you won’t regret it!!