Limbo, a place where we wait, waiting for life, change, stability… there are so many different limbos.  I’m in one right now, in the middle of a life transition, changing a very important relationship.  During the hottest time of the year, we are moving and reorganizing.  This change is not only physically taxing, but emotionally taxing.  The physical aspect of it is hard, exhausting at times and I’m tired and sore, but the emotional aspect of limbo is equally exhausting.  The physical clutter and instability leads to emotional clutter, and we as writers know, clutter can affect us.  Currently, this has put my writing on hold.  I’m sure that many of you can relate.

Lately, it seems like whenever I’m ready to stand up and dust myself off, I get hit again and knocked off balance and then I fall down.  Funny thing is, I’m still ok.  I’m tired, God knows I’m tired, but some days I have energy, only then it’s about direction.  Where do I focus this energy?  Do I want to focus it?  Do I just want to sit and play Sudoku for hours on end (it’s been the later for the last few months… don’t judge me ; )

However, in the last few weeks I’ve started a new writing partnership with a friend (I’m sure I’ll introduce him later), but we both have an issue channeling that energy lately.  He’s been through some rough times, especially in the last year with physical ailments and he’s tired too, but now, we are inspiring each other with our new project.  No, I haven’t put aside my other projects, I’m working on all of them (well, in my head at the moment).  The one thing we are doing… keeping each other accountable.  Sometimes that’s what we need.  If you can’t live up to your own guidelines, then live up to someone else’s.  I personally can’t stand to disappoint people who are depending on me; therefore, I can be held accountable.  Sometimes we need the push or the steady direction until we can find our way out of that limbo.  That disorganized, cluttered space we can end up in, be it in our homes or in our heads.

I would suggest we all look to our friends, family, mentors and peers when we need a hand up and out of the hole.  Stop digging and look for a way out.  More than likely when you reach up, someone will take your hand, funny enough, it may be the person you least expected…  and that could be a wonderful surprise.