The Blank Page

We writers have one enemy… ourselves.

Within our minds lies the richest fields of imagination, yet, when stress and clutter and busy work come to play, the gates are closed adn locked. I’ve often been asked, “How do you find inspiration?”

Well, I often use music, re-read what I’ve written before, read something new, watching a documentary, learn about something historical. All of these things have inspired me. Bu thow do I clear away the clutter? The never ending list of “Things-to-Do”?

I’ve not been so successful with that. I often find myself overwhelmed with all the “things” I have to do. Cleaning, creating, organizing. I recently had my book re-edited and have not yet had the time to sit down and go through it. I’m trying to write a new book, and yet, nothing. I stare at the blank page and… nothing.

Writing isn’t always about having the idea… it’s also about executing it. Other writers say it’s a job. Well, yes it is. They say you just do it. Well, no, you don’t. If the words aren’t coming, they aren’t coming… and forcing them isn’t going to go well.

So, today I stared at this blank page. One I’ve been woefully neglecting, and decided to put out there what we all face as writers. Maybe I can kick start my creative brain, by creating some posts on my blog. Maybe… you never can tell, right?

Finding the muse…

Sorry I’ve been away for a while, but I’ve been looking for that elusive goddess, thankfully I finally found her.  She was working with a talented director in Illinois.  I’ve been working on a script with him and it’s been essential for bringing me back into the writing fold.  All those ideas in my head, floating around like items in an anti-gravity chamber.  It’s then that I find it most difficult.  I need to organize and compartmentalize and it makes me nuts.  Then the added pressure of committing to a plot and of course, my 2nd novel post explains those pressures.  I think about writing everyday, but I dont’ always sit down and do it.

It’s funny when you fall away from the rituals and rhythms of writing… it isn’t easy to get back on that train.  I know it’s about commitment and treating my writing like a job, but it gets hard to balance everything.  Ok, so I’m whining… I hate whining, so I’m going to stop.

Bottom line, I’ve been working on this script and it’s been a savior, because it’s given me an opportunity to dip my feet in the water.  I’m getting more secure in the direction I want to take with my next novel and I get to keep writing because I’m working on this screenplay.  I can feel the goddess whispering in my ear, fueling my imagination and creative identity.

I’m also back and reviewing books, so that is going to be great.  She comes to me there as well and I can’t wait to see what amazing reads come my way.

Ok, well, I’m back now and I promise to be committed to my ramblings on a much more frequent schedule.  Look for my reviews and updates about any new musings.  And listen carefully, she might be whispering to you too.