Five Book Facts and A Game of Tag – The Saga Continues…

Five Book Facts and A Game of Tag

A while back my friend Magen McMinimy tagged me to do a post about my dream cast for my book The Gathering: Book One of the Lia Fail Chronicles and then tag 5 authors to do the same, and in typical “Shannon Fashion”, I dropped the ball. So now Author Michael Loring has come up with something similar, but instead of with a dream cast you have to share FIVE facts about your book that no one else would know, followed by tagging four other authors to do the same with their book of choice!

A very simple game, but nonetheless fun!

Let’s get started!

1) All about your most recent or current release:

All Our Love: A Collection of Stories That Speak to the Heart
All-Our-Love Cover



Love stories.

Moments that make your heart flutter. Scenes that have you holding your breath. Coveted admissions of love that you just can’t wait to be confessed.

This is a collection of stories that center on matters of the heart, overwhelming feelings of love, and stories that make you stop to re-read those breathtaking moments between your favorite characters. Be it the angst, the turmoil, or the first kiss, these are stories that speak to your soul and warm you to your core.

Eleven authors, eleven stories, eleven special moments—brought to you with ALL OUR LOVE.

Stories included in this anthology:
– All Roads Lead to Jackson by Juli Valenti
– Bad Girlfriend by Brooke Cumberland
– Coming Home by Melissa Collins
– Cora’s Plantation by Jettie Woodruff
– Fated Love by Brandy L. Rivers
– Have My Heart by Rene Folsom
– Home Again by Vicki Green
– Masked Encounters by Felicia Tatum
– No Details by Marie Wathen
– Surrender by Sarah M. Cradit
– The One by S.L. Dearing

2) Share FIVE facts about your book: Since my book is The Gathering, I’ll answer questions about that 😉
1. It took eight and a half years to write and publish The Gathering.
2. The Merganser family was originally named the Mortaver, Madison was originally Tuner, Brian was originally Grant (named after his godfather) and Paul was originally named Ian.
3. Vance and Stephan were originally slated for death.
4. I had no idea how it was going to end when I began writing it.
5. The Gathering was originally slated to be 3 individual books, now it’s the first in a series of a minimum of 4 novels and so far 3 compendiums and a Diary full or prequel.
3) Tag FOUR other Authors:
Ok, now go forth and let’s learn and tag… you’re it!!!