TWIST Reviews – One Story at a Time – In the Eyes of the Beholder by Penelope Bartotto

Disclaimer: These reviews pertain to stories in the anthology – Paranormal Anthology with a TWIST.  I have a story in this book (Bloodlines – I won’t be reviewing my story ;), so many feel that I cannot objectively review other stories in the same book I am also featured in… that being said, to each their own, I know my own level of integrity.  Thus, people can choose to believe me or not.  I want to review them and give my opinion… so I am.

Paranormal Anthology with a TWIST

Synopsis: Whenever Dom thinks about Rose’s hazel eyes, he knows that she’s the one… the one to make his life complete.  But Rose isn’t the girl that Dom thinks she is.  Love is a tricky thing and its all in The Eyes of the Beholder.

Review: This was a great story that seemed to have a little bit of everything.  It kept me guessing and I didn’t see the end coming at all.  There are lots of TWISTs and turns and I found myself truly engaged in the characters.  Again, I didn’t see this TWIST coming and was pleasantly surprised when it did come.  I thought it was well written and full of imagination.

4 pink stars

This is Penelope Bartotto’s first published anthology.

Penelope Anne Bartotto, was born, raised, and still calls Wisconsin her home. She has been writing since she could hold a pencil correctly, and continues to ramble. Married to her soulmate, she finds pride in being a homeschooling parent to three not-so-young cubs. She has worn many hats from cashier to Boy Scout Leader, but currently tries to hold on tight to her… book blogging, tour coordinating, insane author hat. When not found in front of her computer, she loves to craft, quilt, draw, paint, and read.

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Author Blog:

Cheating… hmm…

I was reading another blog a little while ago and the author was talking about the little talked about reasons why men cheat.  At the end, everyone had something to comment about.   The agreeing with the author, the chastising, the offering of other reasons… and yet none of them seemed to (1) mention that just as many women cheat and (2) why people are so devastated by cheating.

1. Yes… women cheat.  I’ve had women friends who cheated on their boyfriends and husbands, and girlfriends and wives.  There are always different reasons.  They felt neglected because he/she was never home or never listened, they weren’t in love with their partners anymore, there was no passion, he/ she was cheating on her… the list goes on forever and there is always an excuse. One commentator on the other blog got it right in one respect, they do it because they can.  Yes, there are repercussions and consequences, but in many cases, most people want to get caught. Yep, you heard me, they want to get caught.  Why?  Because there are problems in the relationship and the cheating is a symptom.   Getting caught brings it to the surface.  Now of course this isn’t true in all cases… sometimes sex is an outlet and nothing more… sometimes they just want to cheat, male or female, they want to step out… thus bringing us to…

2. The real reason that cheating is so devastating to the non-cheater.  It’s simple really… it’s the lying.  Lies.  The whole act of cheating is a calculated, self-indulgent lie.  A one night stand is bad enough.  The cheater has to cover his or her whereabouts for an evening, working late, car accident, friend needed me… and the trusting partner believes.  There it is… the trusting partner.  It’s bad enough when you cheat once, but then there is the affair.  Yeah, the affair is worse.  Why?  Because now, it’s time and money and emotion.  The onc time lie has become symptomatic and huge and continuous.

Lots of people say it’s the sex.  I don’t think it is… sure, you’re concerned because maybe they weren’t safe.  That’ s possible, but look deeper and I bet you see where the pain really is… it’s in the lie.  This person who is supposed to always be truthful with you has been systematically lying, for whatever reason.  That’s why it’s so hard to get trust back… because of the lies.  Right after the lies, it’s the rejection.  Why wasn’t I enough?  Why didn’t you love me like that?

There is no magic fix to this because some people will always cheat… but maybe we can try to look at it for what it could be… the symptom to a greater problem.  Take a look and see what it might be… maybe you can fix it, maybe you can’t.

Have I been cheated on?  Not that I know of, I don’t believe so, but you never know for sure.  But I do know that if I was ever cheated on and learned about it, it would be the lie that hurt the most.

Politics… well, politicians… and the rest of us…

Does anyone else wonder how politicians get to be the people they are?  I mean, how do you enter a field where, by definition, you are there to “help” other people.  You are there to represent your constituents and help bring prosperity to you state, district, etc. and then end up becoming an enormous shyster?  Yes, a shyster.  Of course, not all politicians are liars and scallywags (yes, thank you, I know, working scallywag into current discussions is a true feat), but more and more, we are learning that they are indeed not on the up and up.

So what is a concerned American to do?  We don’t necessarily want to be in the Government game, but who do we trust? Some of us are naive, yes, it’s true, naive.  We want to believe everything they tell us… so we do.  Some of us are so cynical that we move to the far reaches of Montana or Wyoming and wait for the paranoia to set in, firing weapons at anyone who doesn’t know the secret password.  Then there are those a few steps up from the militias and they just decide to not vote because “What’s the point?”

The rest of us… well, I think we try to approach it logically.  We know they are lying, but now to know who is the liar who lies the least… alliteration aside, how do we do that?  Some look deeply into our candidates eyes and determine whether or not they’re truthful.  Some decide they’re truthful if they are like the constituent (color of skin, religion, home base, prior job, etc. – pick one), I’m not sure why that means they would be honest… are you always honest?  I doubt it… most of us lie once in a while.  Maybe that’s why honesty is so important to so many people.

Some of us end of running for government and decide to take on the system.  Unfortunately, these people, the ones who really could make a change, aren’t the ones we vote for.  Why?  Well, they don’t have the money… or the experience… of the right way of speaking… funny thing is… we don’t know anything about them and experience is only achieved through… well, experience.  You may have studied the piano your entire life and you are a technical master, but you don’t know what will happen when you perform until… you perform.  It could be magic or it could be a disaster, but you won’t know until you do it.  Thus, how do we know these candidates won’t do a great job?

I guess if we really want the right people out there, listening to what we want, what we think is best for us, watching over us and helping to guide us, then maybe, just maybe, we need to take a chance sometimes.  That means voting for a party other than the Big 2, that means giving someone with “no” experience, the opportunity to get that very experience we need.  It means being brave and jumping off that precipice and trying something, and subsequently, someone new.

We have a system like no other in the world.  A lot of thought went into it and it does work when WE work it.  WE are the bosses and WE are the ones that hold the fate of those politicians in our hands.  Learn about how our system works and what each position has and does NOT have power over.  Although you may disagree with a candidates personal position on an issue, should your vote rest on that issue?  Well, the real question is, do they have any power over that issue?  No?  Then who cares?  If you need them for what they can offer that is in their power and it’s better than the other candidate, then why does it matter?

My goal isn’t to tell you how to vote or for whom, that’s up to you… it just seems that there are quite a few of “the rest of us” who want to do what the jobs in government entail, but the politicians still seem to keep getting voted in… maybe the non-politically driven “rest of us” can be brave and bring a little honesty back.  A little integrity.  A little courage.  Then, maybe, we can bring back the politicians to the masses… and maybe they’ll want to try something different, like farming or retail… it could happen.