Vindicated by Scott Harper (Book Review)

Vindicated - Scott HarperThe third book in the Wendy Markland Series is Vindicated by Scott Harper.

The third book has us picking up directly after Wendy’s encounter with the walking dead and other nefarious creatures.  She has left an opportunity to find happiness with survivalist Garland Potash and is on her way to Florida, searching for more vampires and trying to lose someone on her tail.  Enter Colm Pryce, a hunter with a heart of gold.

Scott Harper once again ramps up the adrenaline as Wendy is now the hunted, as a group of mercenary vampires are seeking to destroy her.  This book like the others is well crafted and paced beautifully.   Mr. Harper has taken his readers on a wonderful ride and we have seen Wendy grow and mature on an emotional level.  Just as the books before, Wendy is pinned against a horrible foe, but now she has Mr. Pryce.  And once again, she may be given a chance to be happy and find love… the chance to have a normal life.

I have loved reading this series and I hope that there will be more to come.  I’ve really grown to like Wendy, although I should hate her for all of her beauty, but I can’t help it.  I love her.  Scott Harper has created a wonderful character and world that I enjoy visiting, I hope I get to go back for more.

Necromancer by Scott Harper (Book Review)

Necromancer - Scott HarperThe second book in the Wendy Markland Series is Necromancer by Scott Harper.  At the end of Predator of Prey, the first book, Wendy is reeling from the knowledge that vampires and werewolves truly exist and is attempting to recover from the death of her younger brother, Glen.  Necromancer picks up two years later and not too much has changed.  Wendy is still trying to track down any vampire she can find and destroy it, but it’s been a pretty arid two years, until she here’s about Pinewick, NJ and the walking dead.

I am quickly becoming a fan of Scott Harper and this series.  I loved the first book and I love this one equally.  I really admire the change up in this book, from vampires to other worldly “villains”.   Scott once again delivers fully fleshed characters and introduces us to a new band of allies that Wendy can ultimately depend on.  Wendy is beautiful and smart with an iron will, but she is flawed and vulnerable and this book definitely shows us those strengths and flaws.  Wendy is someone we the readers are rooting for and can also identify with.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I look forward to reading book 3, Vindicated.

Predators or Prey? by Scott Harper (Book Review)

Predators & Prey - Scott HarperThe first book in the Wendy Markland series – Predators or Prey?… WOW, I loved this book!  What a ride!  The main character is Wendy Markland, a young woman who runs a vampire hunter grift with her boyfriend, Jacob, while raising her little brother, Glen, merely nine years old.  The story takes an ugly turn when Wendy and Jacob discover that vampires are real, now they are being hunted.

Scott Harper deftly handles the raw emotion of each situation, taking the reader on a journey of terror and self-discovery.  Wendy is a wonderful hero, flawed, yet likeable and human.  The villains of this book run the gambit from seething, quiet evil to violent bully; and even our anti-hero is beautifully drawn back and forth from like to dislike.   Mr. Harper is a truly talented writer who sets up each scene beautifully, the sights and smells are vivid, without being over drawn.

I read this book in one day and I’m excited to start reading the next installment, Necromancer.  It is my understanding that these novels are being converted into graphic novels and I cannot wait to see them.  This story lends itself beautifully to episodic art; the horror genre always having been my favorite in this particular world.  If you have not yet read this book, you are missing out.

The world of Wendy Markland is a world we should all experience.