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A Touch:  A Lia Fail Short Story 1.2

It’s February in Lia Fail. The chilly winter air is making ready for spring, and more changes are in store for the Stark family, when a wagon train from Old Idaho arrives.
As a relationship dissolves, one is born, and another is rediscovered.  The magic of the new world is making itself more prevalent in the form of the tiny pixies, while the untapped powers of those who have invoked the goddess are beginning to surface. Darkness once again walks the edge of the tiny village and it all begins with… A Touch.

This is the second in a series of short stories based on the Lia Fail Chronicles.  This is NOT a stand-alone short story.  It is a continuation of the novel The Gathering.  This story will eventually be compiled with several others to form a volume one omnibus of shorts that will fill the time between book one and book two in the Lia Fail Chronicles.


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