One Last Dance by Mardo Williams

As I get older, I have found that even though your body ages and wisdom hopefully seeps into the crevices of your brain, you still feel like you’re twenty.  I’m not quite as old as Bryce Morgan or Dixie Valentine, but if I do reach their age, I hope I’m as lucky as they are.

Mardo Williams. along with his daughters Kay and Jerri, have left the world an amazing story of love and passion that rivals classics like Pride and Prejudice and Wuthering Heights. 

      One Last Dance takes into the lives of Morgan and Dixie and we get to share their tumultuous meeting, their courtship and their love.  It was a wonderful journey that showed me not only the youth and ardor our elderly, but the all too real pitfalls of growing old.

Not only are the main characters complex and full of history, but also the secondary characters emerge as equally multifaceted and charming, each one growing and learning.  All I can tell you about this book is it should be read by anyone who has ever loved or hopes to love.  it is a journey that your heart and soul will never forget.


One Last DAnce

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