The Broken Parachute Man – A novel of Medical Intrigue by Robert B. Bolin

The Broken Parachute Man – A Novel of Medical Intrigue by Robert B. Bolin is a wonderful book. We often dream of adventure and intrigue, but Mr. Bolin has given us a truly flawed hero, who isn’t James Bond, but the guy who lives down the street. The one we never think about unless we see him in his tank top and shorts mowing the lawn.

Broken Parachute Man

That is Clyde Young, a middle aged, low-level employee for a pharmaceutical company who has never amounted to much. Then while on a flight to a national meeting, his plane is hijacked and he is thrown out of the moving vehicle with a dysfunctional parachute. Clyde manages to survive the fall and then discovers he is in some remote wilderness in the freezing snow. Again, he survives to return to civilization and only then does he discover that the authorities think he is one of the terrorists. He knows that he is in trouble and escapes, ending up in Las Vegas and living on the streets.

It is here that Clyde decides to find out what happened to him and why. He sets out with two of his new friends on a true adventure. We are taken on a journey of greed, coercion, international terrorism and absolute intrigue. All the while, Mr. Bolin shows us a life we might never now. The actual terror and confusion of attempting to survive the elements, then the world of the homeless; a world many of us would like to forget exists.

Robert Bolin has woven a rich tale about a lonely sad man, who is forced to find himself by making a stand to take back a life stolen from him, and in the process discovers the life he should have been living all along. It is a story of excess and redemption. The Broken Parachute Man is a truly exceptional novel and should be read by everyone. Please don’t hesitate to read this book.


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