– Product Review – Fully Endorsed by ME

Here is my honest review regarding products from

When I decided to do this, I opted to approach this as someone with no graphic knowledge whatsoever.  I decided to get the Car Bumper Magnets.  I loaded my picture and followed the directions and waited patiently to see my magnets.  Well, when they arrived I was less than satisfied.  They were horribly pixelated and not legible.  So, I called Customer Service.  WOW!! has AMAZING customer service!! They checked my order and gave me explicit instructions as to how to get a replacement order. I also discussed with them why they didn’t have a warning system in place for just his reason.  They said they did, but after reviewing my photo, the customer service representative noticed that it wasn’t high enough quality.  He made a note and we placed the new order.  Then I found out if you call in, you can request no border. I said, no border.  Woot, let’s do this!!

I received a call on Saturday morning from the fulfillment department.  They had called to let me know that without a border, I would lose some of my letters.  So I said, ok, put in the border.  She asked if I wanted it black or white.  What? You have black? Sweet! Put black.

I’m now ecstatic and thrilled with the customer service department, so I decide to order the refrigerator magnets.  I place the order and then the next day call and ask for the black border (you can’t choose when ordering), they said no problem.

My bumper magnets came and I was thrilled!! They look fantastic!!
Bumper Magnet PicThen a few weeks later the fridge magnets came and I was even more excited!!
Magnet PicI couldn’t be more happy with the product and even more importantly, I couldn’t be more happy with the customer service this company provides.  I would suggest you call them and ask them about the borders and if your picture is high enough quality.  They are quite willing to assist you and fix any problems you may have.

I recommend wholeheartedly!! Use them with confidence!! Recommends:
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