Writer’s Got Talent – New Contest going on now… and I’m in it!!

WGT BannerWow!!  I’m participating in a brand new contest that was created by Bruce Goldwell (Author of the Dragon Keepers Series – http://www.BruceGoldwell.com) to help promote indie authors.  It’s very cool.  It’s set up like an XFactor for writers. It’s called Writer’s Got Talent (www.WritersGotTalent.com).  There are challenges each week for we authors to do.  This first week is all about the votes.  We need “America” (I wish – LOL) to give us those votes.  Next challenge will be the description for our books that is posted on Amazon.  The contest is designated to go on for 8 weeks.  The complete list of challenges as well as the authors and their books are displayed on the Writer’s Got Talent site.  You can also see the book covers on Pinterest (http://pinterest.com/sldearing1/book-covers-writer-s-got-talent/)

Not only is this contest helping us promote our books and blogs, but it’s doing something more important.  It’s introducing us to more writers.  The writing community is vast, but like other professions, we all need each other.  We need to lean on each other, support each other, promote one another… in general help each other.  Whether it be reading and critiquing each other’s work or helping edit or just being there to encourage one another during the rough patches.  We are all trying to get our books seen and ultimately read and this is the kind of nepotism we, as writer’s,  should practice.

I have many writer friends, online and in person.  We may not all write the same things, but we are all supportive of one another in whatever capacity we can provide.  I love that this contest is combining that mentality with a healthy dose of competitiveness.  We can only help to make each other better and try to get our words out to the those who would appreciate and enjoy them.  So I would ask that you share this post and all of these links with anyone you know who is a reader and lover of books.  They may find a new author to love or book for a friend.  Send them all over… we would love to see them. 🙂

WGT & WNet Banner

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