New Year… New Me… Nah!!

So the New Year has begun, but I’m still working on me. The same me I was before, but different. A lot of horrible things happened last year, but despite the sadness and the pain, I still look at it and see all the amazing things that happened to me. I cry and then I smile… I can’t seem to focus on the negative and I’m so glad.  I just realized, I’m growing up.

The disappointment of youth has been replaced by the optimistic joy of the the future and the wisdom of my years… not to say that I’m all that old, but I do notice that my crazy factor (yes, ladies, we are crazy, especially when we are young) has diminished quite a bit. I’m pretty amazing actually. It’s taken me a long time to really believe that. To know my own self worth… so many of us don’t.  My New Year’s wish is that all of us know our worth.  The Joy we bring to others and the incredible individual things we do that bring AWESOME to the world.

My resolves this year are to get healthy, as I’ve had some issues, now I’m well on the mend. I’m working hard to get there and we’re about to kick it up a notch. To write my second novel and to promote my first novel. I’m going to read more, I’m going to be more invested in the world around me.  I plan on working on more plays and more film. I’ve been away from directing for a while, I’m going to move back towards it. To be the best me I can be. I think that’s what we should all be doing. Look at the big picture and not just the elements we’re drawn to… when you focus on the little things, you can miss so much. Try something new… step outside your comfort zone and embrace your fears.

Last year I was leaping from a precipice, well, I did and I’ve learned a lot. This year, I’m climbing back up the mountain to jump again. I’m still here… still alive and still full of dreams. I’m focusing on the positive… what I can do, not what I can’t.  I really like this me. So now, about my dreams… guess I’ll just have to make them ALL come true… then what?

I guess, I’ll need more dreams.  ; )


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