Books I have to Read…

So I’m sitting in my living room with my friend and he asks, “Why do you write fantasy?”  I shrugged my shoulders.  I thought a minute and I guess, so far, fantasy picked me.  Although my book isn’t pure fantasy (it’s really a mix of all kinds of genres – romance, thriller, horror, chick lit, adventure) it does seem to lend itself to fantasy most of all.  Curious, I looked over to my rather small bookshelf and noticed all the books currently waiting (patiently) to be read.  There isn’t a lot of fantasy there, but my mind does like to travel that route.  The what if route… then I thought about those people who have those enormous libraries and fill them with the books they think  are important… then you wonder when you see it, have they read any of these?  The answer is usually no, but I have read quite a few of mine… most are tucked away in boxes in my storage unit (I live in a small place… not enough room for books… well, the number of books I own) so currently I have the ones I am looking forward to reading in the home.

Every writer has different advice to other writers.  The constants are make yourself sit down and write, it’s a job, treat it as such.  Excellent advice.  The other is to read… all the time, again, excellent advice.  I am currently reading The Boys From Brazil.  One of my all time favorite movies and now, I’m reading the book… it’s excellent by the way.  After that, I believe The Alienist by Caleb Carr, or The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks or… Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie.  There are about 100 books on that shelf (as you can see below) so I guess I better get to reading, after all, it can only improve my writing.  So you get to reading too… 🙂  I guess you already are…

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